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Whether you need to reach out for emotional support, learn about ways to pay for treatment, or simply gather information about primary HLH, we’re here for you. We hope you find the following resources helpful.

Gamifant Patient Services

We aim to help guide you and your family along the treatment journey. We offer a wide range of resources and support to help provide the best possible care.

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A dedicated team is here for you

Throughout your journey, our team of specialists is available to provide guidance and help answer your questions about things like:

Starting treatment with Gamifant

Your dedicated Care Manager will provide personalized support to navigate the process and help with all of the details.

Financial assistance when you need it

Find out if you or your child is eligible for financial support programs, including our Patient Assistance Program and commercial Co-pay program.

Clarifying your health insurance options

Coverage for Gamifant can vary based on your insurance plan. Call us any time with questions about what your plan may cover.

Understanding primary HLH

Our team of professionals can help you better understand the disease and how Gamifant may help during your treatment journey.

Download our support services overview

Get more information about dedicated Care Managers, insurance benefits, financial assistance, product education, and more.

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Download our guide to navigating your hospital experience

Learn what to expect while in the hospital for primary HLH treatment.

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Download our family screening guide

This guide can help you understand what a diagnosis of primary HLH may mean for your family.

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Download our caregiver brochure

In addition to the guidance of your doctor, our caregiver brochure could be another helpful resource.

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Download our support program overview

Get more information about dedicated Care Managers, insurance benefits, financial assistance, product education, and more.

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Watch our caregiver educational video

This video helps make sense of the primary HLH diagnosis and its treatment.

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Community support

The following organizations, many of which were founded by families affected by HLH, offer a wide range of resources. Visit their websites to learn about various support groups, financial assistance, charity events, and much more.

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DISCLAIMER: All organizations listed are third parties over whom Sobi has no control and are provided solely as a service. Sobi has no responsibility for the content provided by these third parties.

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