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We understand that a diagnosis of primary HLH can be overwhelming, but we hope you can take some comfort in the fact that treatment options are available.

By working with your healthcare team and learning all you can about Gamifant, you and your loved ones can be prepared for the journey ahead.

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What is Gamifant?

Gamifant is the first and only FDA-approved treatment made specifically for people with primary HLH who did not have success with other treatments.

Your doctor may consider prescribing Gamifant if you or your loved one:

  • Do not improve with other treatments
  • Have very bad side effects with other treatments
  • Respond to other treatments at first, but then symptoms come back
  • Have symptoms that quickly get worse

If your doctor decides that Gamifant is right for you or your loved one, learning about it will help you prepare for treatment.

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How does Gamifant work?

Gamifant blocks the main cause of hyperinflammation in primary HLH

Primary HLH symptoms are caused by inflammation. The inflammation is caused by many different types of cytokines getting out of control. One of them is called interferon gamma (IFNγ).

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IFNγ connects to another cell called a macrophage

When this happens, macrophages start making more and more cytokines. This leads to inflammation in primary HLH.

Gamifant was specifically developed to neutralize IFNγ

By neutralizing IFNγ, Gamifant helps calm inflammation associated with primary HLH.

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